Friday, November 30, 2007

Here come the thought police

9-year old suspended for 'hate crime'

A Glendale elementary school principal has admitted to telling a 9-year old boy that it is OK to have racist feelings as long as you keep them to yourself.

“As we said to (the boy) when he was in here, in your heart you may have that feeling, and that is OK if that is your personal belief,” Abraham Lincoln Traditional School Principal Virginia Voinovich said in a tape-recorded parent-teacher conference. (Ha Ha -- way to go -- it's ok to think it --- just don't let US know you're thinking it -- what a jackass.)

The boy was suspended for three days this month for allegedly committing a “hate crime” by using the expression “brown people.”

According to school officials, the boy made a statement about “brown people” to another elementary student with whom he was having a conflict. They maintain it was his second offense using the phrase.

But the tape recording indicates this only came out after another parent was allowed to question the boy and elicited from him the statement that he “doesn't cooperate with brown people.”

After that was reported to the boy's teacher, he was made to stand in front of his class and publicly confess what he'd said.

The boy maintains that he never said it; that the words were put in his mouth by the parent who questioned him. That parent happens to be the mother of the student with whom he is having a conflict—and she happens to work for Abraham Lincoln as a detention-room officer.

The tape indicates that rather than just spouting off with racial invective, the boy was asked first why he didn't want to cooperate with brown people by the parent/school official. More here:

Mmmm-Hmmm -- hate crime, eh? And how do they know it's "hate" unless they read your mind? Fear not -- the thought police are all over it. Keep voting liberal too -- cuz this idea has plenty of potential for expansion.

Also -- I don't undercapisky the concept of "hate crime." If it's a crime -- punish it -- and punish it severely based on the history of the perpetrator -- end of discussion.

Hate crime, my white ass -- you fuckin' liberals don't even know how to punish career criminals and murderers correctly -- go form a drum circle, jackasses.

Pickup lines for nerds

Found this at Ace's blog:

50 Nerdy pickup lines:

6. Baby, you overclock my processor.

12. You must be auxin, cause you are causing me to have rapid stem elongation.

15. Baby I’ll treat you like my homework — I’ll slam you on the table and do you all night long

22. By looking at you I can tell you’re 36-25-36, which by the way are all perfect squares.

25. What do you say we go back to my room and do some math: Add a bed, subtract our clothes, divide your legs, and multiply

29. What’s your sine? It must be pi/2 because you’re the 1

36. You know.. it’s not the length of the vector that counts… it’s how you apply the force

39. If I was an endoplasmic reticulum, how would you want me: smooth or rough?

42. Our love is like dividing by zero…. you cannot define it

44. Baby let me be your integral so I can be the area under your curves

Here are the rest:

Gasp - What are the odds of that?

Hostage Situation at Clinton Office

A man who claimed he had a bomb strapped to his body walked into a Hillary Clinton campaign office in Rochester, N.H., initially taking four hostages, law enforcement sources said.

Two of the four hostages -- an adult and a child -- subsequently were released, the sources said. It was unclear whether additional hostages were released.

The man with the apparent pipe bomb asked to speak to Clinton, a source said.

The suspect was a well-known local man with a history of emotional issues who allegedly told his son to watch the news, a well-placed law enforcement source told ABC News' Pierre Thomas.
More of the developing story here:

What? Let me get this straight ... a dipshit with a "history of mental illness" strapped a bomb to himself and then took some hostages?? Absolutely unbelievable -- I mean -- a known psychotic with shitforbrains goes violent? -- what are the odds? -- that NEVER happens.

Well Klown, we can't lock up every well known psychotic with shitforbrains. There's just no way to tell whether they might "go off" or be "normal."

Oh -- I see -- well THAT makes sense -- NOT! I just hope they stick to killin' you libs.

And LMAO @ closing all their offices in Iowa etc -- you know -- just in case there's a mass conspiracy of savant psychos -- or in case it's fast-spreading mental virus -- course, it would have to spread faster than Paris Hilton's legs backstage at a Stones concert -- but better to be extra cautious -- you know -- in case John Edwards is watching and he gets a hankerin' to sue for negligence? I tell ya, you libs kill me.

By the way -- I noticed there is a conspicuous lack of his "description" in the story -- not saying if he's white or black - or MUSLIM ... I guess it's something you don't need to be askin' there, Poindexter.

I mean -- "I don't mean to SEEM prejudiced or anything ... " (now where have we heard that recently?) but, it was some guy who told his son to "watch the news" and then goes out and takes hostages with a bomb strapped to himself -- The Klown is betting it's a white guy. Yes -- it is misleading, what with the bombs and hostages (usually a quick Muslim giveaway) but I'm betting on "old white guy." I shall hide and watch.

Peaceful religion of Islam

From Hot Air:

Thousands of Sudanese rally to free teddy-bear blasphemer — wait, did I say free? I meant kill.

Ah, Friday. The peaceful and contemplative "day of prayer. "

Thousands of people have marched in the Sudanese capital Khartoum to call for UK teacher Gillian Gibbons to be shot…

The marchers took to the streets after Friday prayers to denounce the leniency of the sentence.

The protesters gathered in Martyrs Square, outside the presidential palace in the capital, many of them carrying knives and sticks.

Marchers chanted “Shame, shame on the UK”, “No tolerance - execution” and “Kill her, kill her by firing squad”.More here:

Wait a minute -- isn't the Sudan where they're having the genocide party in Darfur? Yes -- this Islam is quite the impressive peaceful and tolerant religion.

Pigs might fly

3 minute video from Hot Air:

Ha Ha - *wiping tear*

Like Clinton (and unlike Obama), Edwards’ health-care plan would require every American to have health insurance.

But unlike Clinton, Edwards is now detailing how he would enforce his mandate.

Under the Edwards plan, when Americans file their income taxes, they would be required to submit a letter from an insurance provider confirming coverage for themselves and their dependents

If someone did not submit proof of coverage, the Internal Revenue Service would notify a newly established regional or state-based health-care agency (which Edwards has dubbed a Health Care Market). More here:

The government would buy the insurance for the person and make them pay it back. (Unless they're eligible for medicare/medicaid, etc.)

If a person did not meet his or her monthly financial obligation for a set period of time (perhaps a year, perhaps longer) the Edwards plan would empower the federal government to garnish an individual’s wages for purposes of collecting “back premiums with interest and collection costs.”

Of course -- that's the answer -- just FORCE you to buy it -- that's totally different from raising taxes -- lmao.

Hey -- I'll bet they'll charge extra low rates to the government too -- you know -- since they're so civic minded. Yes -- this'll be no problem -- just like my car insurance -- no innovation but the price just goes up like clockwork. And don't even THINK of getting a ticket or having an accident if you want your rates to just go up a little bit instead of double.

Soon the roadblocks cops will be saying "good evening sir -- may we see your license, registration, and proof of insurance -- both car & health insurance sir -- thank you ---- you DO have insurance, don't you sir -- you look like you're in a little pain to me -- how much pain have you had tonight sir? -- just a couple of pangs? -- step out of the car for me, sir -- does it hurt when I do this? -- mmm-hmm - and how 'bout this? -- mm-hmm -- turn around and put your hands behind your back for me, pain-boy.

Unbearable pain imminent

Found it at Bits and Pieces:

But what if you come to a stop light?
Or some electrical wires?

Fair and Objective CNN

From Newsbusters:

Yes -- Fair and objective CNN ensures that liberals get planted in the audience for the Democrap debates -- and then, to maintain fairness, ensures that liberals are planted in the Republican debate also.

I don't know about you but I never get tired of having liberal concerns and points-of-view crammed right up my ass.

In the greatest of ironies, (the ironing was delicious) after Democrats refused to participate in debates sponsored by Fox News due to its supposed partiality, CNN has now shown itself in back-to-back debates to be as biased as biased can be.

After either participating in or allowing the planting of campaign operatives at November 15's Democrat presidential debate in Las Vegas, it has now become apparent that similar stocking of audience questioners occurred in Wednesday's Republican debate.

As NewsBuster Matthew Balan reported Wednesday, "a member of Hillary Clinton's "LGBT Americans For Hillary Steering Committee" not only asked a question via YouTube, "but he was also present in the audience, and got to ask the candidates for a ‘straight answer.'"

On Thursday morning, Michelle Malkin identified two plants from the Obama and Edwards campaigns. As her website is having some problems at the moment, Inside Cable News reported that according to Malkin, one plant was David Cercone, a declared Obama supporter, who asked the following question: More here:

As such, it hasn't even been 24 hours since this debate concluded, and three plants - all with connections to Democrat candidates - have been identified.

Regardless of whether or not CNN is specifically involved, as this is now the second consecutive incident of such behavior at a debate sponsored by this network, has it now abused the public trust enough to not be allowed to sponsor any more debates in this election cycle?

OK - that's a dumb question -- if strings of behavior such as "abusing the public's trust" was enough to punish "the news media," (CNN, CBS, NBC, PBS, and their ilk,) would have been abolished long ago.

Anyway -- Michelle found three -- I think I heard Rush say "five plants" -- and this morning it's up to eight a growing -- from different sources -- I guess "just a little" cheating wasn't enough.

And CNN is claiming they didn't know -- I guess they can't google too well. Also, CNN paid for this jackass's flight, hotel, etc so he could come to the debate -- did you know that?

What? The media cheated?

I don't think people will realize how sad this really is.

Hysterical comedian

From Newsbusters:

A conservative comedian [yes, there are some], appears at a venue in a heavily-white suburb at a campaign event for a white candidate and tells his audience composed overwhelmingly of people of pallor (pale peeps) they'd be embarrassed if they supported a black candidate and the white candidate won, saying "Oh no. I can't call him now. I had that black guy. What was I thinking?"

What are the odds the MSM would laugh it off?

But when Chris Rock does the equivalent on behalf of Barack Obama, the MSM appears to raise nary an eyebrow. Rock appeared last night at an event for Barack Obama at Harlem's famed Apollo Theater and said:

"You'd be real embarrassed if he won and you wasn't down with it. You'd say, 'aw man, I can't call him now. I had that white lady. What was I thinking?'"

View video here.

Yes -- it's all very funny -- cuz, somehow, racisim is hystercial when black peeps do it -- otherwise though, it's "burning at the stake" time. -- Cough, IMUS, cough.

Hey -- Whitey -- don't you say a god damn word. Nothin' to see here, jackass. move along -- and DON'T DISCUSS THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS.

Totally objective jourrrrnalist

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Police had to escort a reporter out of the spin room following Wednesday night's Republican presidential debate in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Witnesses said Joe Shea, editor-in-chief of the American Reporter, pushed one of Mike Huckabee's aides to the floor while trying to ask the Republican candidate a question.

Huckabee called for security to remove the man.

Police arrived and asked Shea to walk out.

He refused at first and had to be coaxed by police, who eventually had to hold his arms to pull him out of the room.

Once outside, Shea calmed down and told police his version of what happened.

Shea was not arrested.

Here's what the completely objective jackass looks like while the cops are yanking his commie ass out of the room.
Whatsammata, Comrade Shea? All that commotion and you were only trying to get the answer to a legitimate question -- right? You weren't going to purposely ask a question to make the candidate look bad -- were you? Naaaahhhh. You wouldn't do that -- you're too "objective."

Whenver I see an objective jourrrrrrnalist like you, two images jump to my mind -- a hammer and teeth. More and slide show here:

Filthy Capitalist Company Punished

Woman Awarded $2 Million For Walgreens Incident

LOS ANGELES -- A Los Angeles jury awarded more than 2 million dollars to a woman who claimed she was called "hot," leered at sexually and falsely arrested by two Walgreens security guards -- who also asked for her phone number.

According to the suit, Alicia Benham and her friend Daniel Newman tried to return nine bottles of a diet drink to Walgreens in April 2004.

Instead, her attorney says two security guards accused them of theft and "terrorized them" by holding the pair in separate rooms without windows.

Benham testified that the guards made sexually offensive comments to her and she worried she was going to be sexually assaulted.

A Walgreens spokesman said the company is "deeply disappointed and quite frankly shocked by the verdict."

Yeah -- Hey -- Benjamin -- Benjamin Franklin -- this is what you intended right? If someone (guards) made a mistake by suspecting thievery and then compounded it -- you know -- by calling the woman "hot" and asking for her phone number -- then someone else (Walgreens) has to pay TWO MILLION DOLLARS -- Right?

I wonder how hard those attorneys laughed when they got to the bar that evening?

Walgreen's deserved it though Klown -- they should have paid better attention to those guards -- even though the guards acted inappropriately, it is Walgreen's fault and it's just tough shit they have to pay -- maybe losing this two million will teach them.

Close, my leeberal freng -- but no saguaro -- it is YOU who are out the money. These days, large/evil corporations maintain insurance policies that pay for this. The insurance companies spread the risk out to all their policy holders. Every time an idiot settlement like this happens, the insurance companies raise their rates -- then the insured companies, such as Walgreens, raise their prices to cover the business expense -- then YOU PAY at the register.

Get it now? Every time you see an evil corporation hit for a ridiculous lawsuit and award such as this -- the lawyers have taken money from YOU

And you deserve it -- for not demanding true tort reform from your legislators -- for not making it an issue when you vote -- and most of all, for allowing yourself to be convinced that it costs you nothing (failing to educate yourself.) Think about it -- where on earth would you get the idea that these idiot suits don't affect you?

Hidden danger in porn sites

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) - Online pornography hunters' Internet adventures are already fraught with danger from malicious code many porn sites use to commandeer visitors' machines or steal personal data.

Now comes a scheme some researchers say amounts to extortion: One site's threat to disable visitors' computers with relentless pop-up ads if they don't pay for a subscription they were automatically signed up for after a free trial.

The threats, reported this week by researchers at security vendor McAfee Inc.'s Avert Labs, affect people who visit the Web site and download software to access a free three-day trial membership.

Visitors do get free access for three days, but the download includes code that then generates a stream of pop-up windows, when the user is online and offline, demanding payment of roughly $80 for 90 days' worth of additional access.

The windows stay open up to 10 minutes and appear once a day. They appear on top of any open windows and restore to their original size if shrunk or moved, making them impossible to ignore. They also reappear if the computer is rebooted.

The site actually warns visitors they will be billed as full members—and lose full use of their computers if they don't—unless they cancel the subscription within the trial period. But the warning appears in the full terms and conditions statement, which downloaders aren't required to read.

Once the fees are paid, the software can be removed with a special file.

"What it appears they are doing is, in my humble opinion, a form of extortion based on the (usually correct) assumption that a person's computer will be key to many other activities in their daily life," McAfee researcher Seth Purdy wrote on the Avert Labs blog.

HA HA -- that's what those disgusting porn addicts/sinners get -- we should raise taxes on porn anyway -- if it makes all that money -- like you hear about on the unbiased media. Quick -- somebody call the liberal media -- these guys are making "Obscene profits."

Personally, I dont know what people see in pornography. They're just going to go to hell in the end. Plus they have to deal with all that guilt after -- well -- you know -- "The Deed."

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Gold Standard

If you read nothing this year - read this. Those farmers and surveyors were pretty damn smart.

King of the Who?

To any Anarcho-Cynicalists - Come and see the violence inherent in the system...
Closed captioned for the Klown - and any females who just don't get British humour...

Yes -- I like these

Found the pic at J-Walk:

Yes -- it looks like these are JUST the right shoes for those long shafts -- er -- I mean SHIFTS -- those long SHIFTS -- you know -- that nurses work -- SHEESH.

Klown's terrorist interrogation techniques

Found the pic at J-Walk: I added the caption.

Whuzzatt you were saying about waterboarding, Mohammed?
I can't HEARrrr you.

Cops bad -- criminal good

TROTWOOD, Ohio (AP) - A policeman forced a pregnant woman to the ground and used a stun gun on her when she refused to answer the officer's questions and resisted being handcuffed, authorities said Thursday.

The woman went to the police department in this Dayton suburb on Nov. 18 to ask officers to take custody of her 1-year-old son, said Michael Etter, Trotwood's public safety director.

The woman told the officer she was "tired of playing games" with the baby's father, Etter said. The woman refused to answer questions, became frustrated and tried to leave with the child, Etter said. The officer feared allowing her to leave could jeopardize the child and he decided to detain her to get more information.

He said the officer grabbed the woman, got the child away from her and forced her to the ground. When she resisted being handcuffed and tried to get away, the officer used the stun gun on her, Etter said.

The woman wore a winter coat and did not tell the officer she was pregnant, Etter said. "She was totally uncooperative," he said.

The woman was arrested for obstruction and resisting arrest and transported to jail, Etter said. When she arrived at the jail, it was discovered that she was pregnant, and an officer took her to the hospital, he said. The condition of the woman and the fetus was not known.

The FBI is investigating the arrest and Etter said the police department is conducting its own probe to determine whether excessive force was used.

He said the officer remains on duty.

Well -- let's say she HAD told him she was pregnant -- are the cops just supposed to let pregnant criminals resist? -- let them walk away while telling the cop to shove it?

Secondly -- what are they going to do to this idiot who caused her child to be tazed? What are they going to do to this blithering mascot for Dipshit U? Are they going to teach her a lesson? Only if the lesson is "you don't have to listen to the cops."

Only the Christians will be offended

'Christ' Taken Out Of Christmas Festival

SAGINAW, Mich. -- Tightening budgets have forced Mt. Pleasant to take Christ out of their Christmas.

The traditional Dickens Christmas Festival has been re-named the Dickens Holiday Festival so the city can advertise in local schools.

In order to get more bang for their buck out of a thinning advertisement budget, the organization wants to put fliers in schools. For that to happen, the word “Christmas” had to be removed. More here:

Hey, Christians in Saginaw -- way to sell out your principles -- way to stick to your guns -- way to show your children that you really think your religion is important -- you deserve to be treated like doormats, jackasses.

MSU finds misplaced brain

BREAKING NEWS: Christmas tree is back up in MSU building lobby

SPRINGFIELD – Missouri State University administrators decided Thursday morning to put a Christmas tree back in the lobby of Strong Hall, along with other religious holiday symbols. A department head removed the 20-foot tree on Monday after a faculty member who is Jewish complained that it was insensitive to other religions.

After learning about the complaint and the removal of the tree, administrators scheduled a meeting for Friday afternoon to discuss appropriate holiday decorations at the school. That meeting is now canceled.

“We decided this is the right thing to do, and I am glad there was widespread agreement about it,” President Mike. Nietzel said in a news release. “Missouri State is an institution at which many different religions are represented, and we try to be sensitive to the many views people hold.

What? Someone came to their senses? OMG -- What will happen? Surely the western world will fall.

I have figured out these "chronic complainers" are never going to be satisfied -- EVER -- so stop being a doormat -- as Mark Levin says "Act like men, act like women -- ENGAGE your opponents -- take them on."

What kind of a "considerate" person asks for a Christmas tree to be taken down? Answer? A considerate person would NEVER ask that. It's time to start telling these people to cram it -- we don't stop them from observing their religious activities or traditions and they need to stop their inane and incessant whining.

Look upon these whiners with disdain -- take them down every chance you get because that's EXACTLY what they've been doing to you -- and they'll continue to do it until you STOP THEM.

Worst pain ever

Political correctness and multi-culteralism

Note to Cindy Sheehan, Sean Penn, etc

On Wednesday, hundreds of stone-throwing students clashed with police and the Venezuelan National Guard in a protest against the constitutional overhaul. Security forces responded with water cannons and tear gas.

At least 600 students from the private Metropolitan University took part in disturbances that lasted more than four hours.

"We're doing this because we're sick of Chavez, sick of his government, sick of the way he governs," said Roberto, who covered his face, leaving only his eyes visible. He gave only his first name because he feared reprisals from the security forces. More here:

Hey -- pinheads -- do you have to wear masks when you're denouncing the President of the United States? Think about it, you do it every fucking day in front of as many media cameras as possible -- do you recall a wearing a mask? Why not?

Then why do these people have to wear masks when they're protesting your hero? Huh? Oh shut the fuck up, braying jackasses.

Product of his genius parents

This video is about 2.5 minutes long -- it's about the standard intelligence of someone who is missing his brain -- missing any lessons in class from his parents -- missing any life clue whatsoever -- and these people are everywhere.

Shoulda stayed in oppressive old England

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) - British teacher Gillian Gibbons has been convicted of inciting religious hatred for letting her pupils name a teddy bear Muhammad and sentenced to 15 days in prison and deportation from Sudan, one of her defense lawyers said Thursday.

"The judge found Gillian Gibbons guilty and sentenced her to 15 days jail and deportation," said Ali Mohammed Hajab, a member of her defense team.

Deportation? You mean that dumbass hippie wanted to stay? Prehaps she should look up the meaning of "behead."

Teddy teacher facing flogging charged with 'insulting religion' as militants demand action

A British teacher who faces 40 lashes after naming a teddy bear Mohammed has been charged with insulting religion, showing contempt for religious belief, and inciting hatred.

The grim news for Gillian Gibbons, 54, came as Islamic militants called for demonstrations after Friday prayers in a bid for tough action. More here:

What? They name every jackass with sandals "Mohammed" and now there's a problem with naming a teddy bear "Mohammed."

These people are victims of serious brainwashing. They get ALL kinds of indignant when someone "insults" their religion --- even when the person didn't really "insult" their religion. See -- it wasn't her intent to piss them off -- yet -- there they are -- dancing around like cavemen of a thousand years ago -- calling for her head.

Coulda stayed in England but noooo -- there she is, riding a camel in her Birkenstocks -- the absolute essence and epitome of "earth mamma" -- yes -- a dumb fuckin' hippie -- about to receive a wake-up call.

Anyway -- back to the jackasses -- going around lopping off heads with long knives. How can anyone take these morons or their religion seriously? ... oh ... yeah ... the lopping. Nevermind them though -- they don't need to be stopped or anything -- right Pelosi? Keep withholding money from the war on terror.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Very funny dumbass

From Bits and Pieces:

Yeah -- look what you see when you aren't carrying your Uranium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator.

What's your morality?

Scenario 1: The Crying Baby

It's war time, and you're hiding in a basement with a group of other people. Enemy soldiers are approaching outside and will be drawn to any sound. If you're found, you'll all be killed immediately. A baby hiding with you starts to cry loudly and cannot be stopped. Smothering it to death is the only way to silence it, saving the lives of everyone in the room. Assume that the parents of the baby are unknown and not present and there will be no penalty for killing the child. Could you be the one who smothered it if no one else would?

For the rest of the questions and to see what everyone else said - click here:

Hey Klown -- what did you say?

I'll give you a hint -- I'm not retarded.

1000 year-old riddle

Swings by his thigh / a thing most magical!
Below the belt / beneath the folds
Of his clothes it hangs / a hole in its end,
stiff-set and stout / it swivels about.

Levelling the head / of this hanging tool,
its wielder hoists his hem / above his knee;
it is his will to fill / a well-known hole
that it fits fully / when at full length

He's oft filled it before. / Now he fills it again.

Check comments for the answer. I'm sure one of the genius readers of this blog will post the answer.

Communist Asshats Commit Jobicide

'NYT' To Axe 12 Newsroom Jobs, Promises Management Cuts Next Year

NEW YORK Bill Keller, executive editor of The New York Times, in a memo to staff today announced "that there are going to be layoffs in the newsroom, for the first time in recent memory." He added that a "hiring freeze" will continue, with open positions filled internally, and next year "we also expect to eliminate a few management jobs in administrative areas."

For now, a dozen "support" workers will be getting the axe, but Keller said the paper has still been able "to avoid the kind of drastic staff cutbacks other news organizations have endured."

Keller noted, "As we approach 2008, it is clear that the newsroom is going to have to do even more to tighten spending, and to help the publisher and the Times Company meet the difficult financial challenges facing our industry. While we are committed to retaining our competitive muscle, we will be facing some tough choices about where to save.... More here:

They're probably wondering what they did to deserve this -- LMAO.

I'm so sad one of the main enemies of America is losing its business. *Sniff*

Gaaaa 1.5 degrees causing mass death

Fever Outbreak Linked to Climate Change

LONDON (AP) - An outbreak in Europe of an obscure disease from Africa is raising concerns that globalization and climate change are combining to pose a health threat to the West.

Nearly 300 cases of chikungunya fever, a virus that previously has been common only in Africa and Asia, were reported in Italy—where only isolated cases of the disease had been seen in the past.

"We were quite surprised," said Stefania Salmaso, director of Italy's Center for Epidemiology at the National Health Institute. "Nobody was expecting that such an unusual event was going to happen."

While the outbreak was largely the result of stronger trade and travel ties, some experts believe it is a sign of how global warming is creating new breeding grounds for diseases long confined to subtropical climates.

They tell it with a straight face -- the sheeple read it with a straight face -- frankly, I don't know how either one keeps a straight face.

D'oh - God wrong - changes mind

Roberts Says God Forced His Resignation

TULSA, Okla. (AP) - Richard Roberts told students at Oral Roberts University Wednesday that he did not want to resign as president of the scandal-plagued evangelical school, but he did so because God insisted.

Roberts told students in the university's chapel that God told him on Thanksgiving that he should resign the next day.

Roberts said he resisted the idea, and that "every ounce of my flesh said 'no,'" but he prayed over the decision with his wife, Lindsay Roberts, and his father, Oral Roberts, and decided to step down.

A lawsuit accuses Roberts of lavish spending at a time when the university faced more than $50 million in debt. On Tuesday, the founder of a Christian office and education supply store chain pledged $70 million to help the university.

Roberts has previously said that God told him to deny the allegations. The week the lawsuit was filed, Richard Roberts said that God told: "We live in a litigious society. Anyone can get mad and file a lawsuit against another person whether they have a legitimate case or not. This lawsuit ... is about intimidation, blackmail and extortion."

(Unlike most lawsuits against large/evil companies?)

Gotta love Pat Sajak

There have been so many debates and interviews and columns and profiles and polls, it’s hard to believe the election for president is still about 11 months away. Recently, celebrity endorsements have been making news, with Oprah Winfrey saying she would campaign for Barack Obama and Barbra Streisand making the not-so-stunning announcement that she was supporting Hillary Clinton.

Does anyone decide which candidate to choose based on the recommendation of a TV talk show host or a singer/actress? If any group of citizens is uniquely unqualified to tell someone else how to vote, it’s those of us who live in the sheltered, privileged arena of celebrityhood. It’s one thing to buy an ab machine because Chuck Norris recommends it (he’s in good shape, isn’t he?) or a grill because George Foreman’s name is on it (he’s a great guy, so it must be a great grill!), but the idea of choosing the Leader of the Free World based on the advice of someone who lives in the cloistered world of stardom seems a bit loony to me. The rest of his article here:

Tell 'em Pat.

One word conspicuously missing

Paris suburb riots called 'a lot worse' than in 2005

PARIS: The rituals and acts of rage have an eerie sameness to them: roving gangs of angry youths clashing with the riot police in France's edgy suburbs, the government appealing for calm, local officials and residents complaining that their problems are ignored.

Two years after an orgy of violence in which rioters in more than 300 suburbs and towns torched cars, trashed businesses and ambushed the riot police and firefighters, Villiers-le-Bel and several nearby suburbs of Paris similarly have erupted in violence and destruction.

In one sense, the unrest seems to be more menacing than during the early days of the three weeks of rioting in 2005. Then, the youth seemed disorganized, their destruction largely caused by rock-throwing and arson and aimed at the closest and easiest targets, like cars. This time, hunting shotguns, as well as gasoline bombs and rocks, have been turned on the police.

"From what our colleagues on the scene tell us, this is a situation that is a lot worse than what we saw in 2005," Patrice Ribeiro, a police officer and senior union official, told RTL radio Tuesday. He added, "A line was crossed last night, that is to say, they used weapons, they used weapons and fired on the police. This is a real guerrilla war."

Ribeiro warned that the police, who have struggled to avoid excessive force, would not be fired upon indefinitely without responding. The rest here:

Yes -- well -- two things:

1 - You didn't do shit to them the last time they rioted. In fact, there were some neighborhoods the cops refused to go into ... and I don't blame them ... they're not allowed to stop rioters ... or anyone else ... they're only allowed to ask nicely, I guess.

Anyway -- now everyone is surprised when it's worse this time. I'd love to see the look of stupor and wonder on these people's faces when the sun comes up every morning.
I often wonder how entire masses of people can be so fucking stupid and let the media and the political-correctness crowd lead them like cows over cliffs.

2 - I read the entire two pages of this article -- and nowhere does it mention the word "Muslim." I guess it's a big secret that the rioters are Muslims. The media doesn't want you to know or you'll jump to the wrong conclusion (i.e. the conclusion THEY don't want you to come to) -- you know -- cuz you're just a big, lumbering, jackass of a dipshit who can't think for him/herself.

Hey Klown -- how do you know they're Muslims?

Well -- I suspected it when I noticed the media had left out any description of these peeps except "youths." So I googled 'er. Here's just ONE of the links I found.

Retarded Fuckwits Conclude "Study"

Climate change makes bats drop dead: study

Scorching heatwaves linked to climate change have caused thousands of Australian bats to drop dead after flapping their wings in a desperate bid to cool off, according to a study published Wednesday.

On one day alone in 2002, up to six percent of the flying foxes in a nine colonies in New South Wales died when temperatures hit 42 degrees Celsius (107.5 degrees Fahrenheit), according to the study.

Most alarming, said the biologists, was the mortality rate among young bats, as high as 50 percent.

"The effects of temperature extremes on flying foxes highlight complex implications of climate change for behaviour, demography and species survival," says the study, published by the Royal Society, Britain's de-facto academy of sciences. More here:

Yes -- these bats dropped dead of climate change. Please believe us -- PLEEEEEEZZZEE.

But Klown -- the overall temperature difference in the past 100 years or so is around 1.5 degrees centigrade (If you can believe their "measurements.".) And hasn't there always been large die-offs of these bats whenever the temp gets very high in the summer?

Yes -- what's your point -- these "scientists" did the research with government grants and they need more "research" money -- so they don't have to get REAL FUCKING JOBS!!!!
In addition, the media is helping them wash brains so that nobody wants to be called a witch -- uh -- I mean "global warming denier."

Have you ever noticed -- these people are taking your money and claiming they're "saving" something -- doesn't matter what it is -- it needs saving -- earth, whales, baby seals, bats -- they're all doomed unless you pay.

But Klown, I'm not paying -- I don't have to pay -- I just have to recycle and take better care of the earth by not using styrofoam etc.

Mmmm-Hmmm -- right -- think again earth-boy.

I don't wanna seem like a witch - cackle

From Newsbusters:

Not Prejudiced,
But 'I Don't Want...a Colored Man' for President
By Brent Baker November 27, 2007 - 21:03 ET

In the self-incriminating quote of the night, an unidentified white man, in a Tuesday night CBS Evening News story on Barack Obama, insisted “I don't want to sound prejudiced or anything,” but then proceeded to declare: “I don't want to vote for a colored man to be our President.” The soundbite aired during a piece from Dean Reynolds on Obama's racial identity and how it gives some blacks “pause” because “he is not the descendant of African slaves, but is the son of a white mother and a Kenyan father.” Reynolds, reporting from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, concluded by observing that “of course, there are whites who will never vote for Obama because he is black.” The unidentified man, standing in what looked like a store, then asserted in a soundbite:

I don't want to sound prejudiced or anything, but for one I'm not gonna, I don't want to vote for a colored man to be our President.

The online version of the Reynolds story identified the man only as “one South Carolina voter.”

Oh God, is that rich. He uses the term "colored" instead of his usual "nigger" in front of the TV cameras -- and then starts his statement with "I don't wanna seem prejudiced .. "

SEEM prejudiced -- ROFL. He prolly left the interview thinking "Yeah -- they bought it -- I think they bought it -- nobody will know I'm a witch -- since I told them I didna wanna SEEM like a witch (which lets them know that I think witches are bad news.)

Hysterical -- I mean, even most dumb KKK types are smarter than to say that stupid shit.

YES -- CBS reporter nails dumbshit in South Carolina -- hell -- that isn't even sporting -- capisce?

Hey -- Dean Reynolds -- REPORTER -- you're lucky you aren't working for me -- I'd have fired your raggedy ass. You let that guy walk out of the interview without getting him to say he's a conservative or Republican. Big meat-a-ball over the plate like that and you only got a small piece of it -- BENCHED.

I'm not biased - but I hate Rush Limbaugh

Bozell Column: Tom Brokaw vs. Talk Radio

By Brent Bozell November 27, 2007 - 22:39 ET

In the musty but hallowed halls of the Old Media, the first item for target practice is often the New Media, the ones formed and made popular by the atrocious biases of their predecessors. The Old Media continue watching their numbers bleed away; continue to paint themselves as fair and balanced, despite the preponderance of evidence to the contrary; and continue to smear the New Media, especially talk radio, as the divisive haters and fact-manglers ruining civil discourse in America.

Former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw is on the publicity tour for his new book "Boom!" about the 1960s. On the November 26 Laura Ingraham show, when he was challenged with his soundbite broadsiding talk radio as "instantly jingoistic and savagely critical" of war protesters, Brokaw quickly put his anti-radio rant back into rotation.

He suggested incivility was a "big cancer" on America, and talk radio is the number one tumor. Front and center in Brokaw’s pathology was Limbaugh: "My problem with the whole spectrum is there is not -- you know what Rush’s, what his whole drill is. He doesn’t want to hear another point of view. Except his."

Yes -- tell us all about it, unbiased Tom Tse Tung.

Talk radio is communism's -- OOPS -- I mean, "America's" number one enemy -- right -- COMRADE BROKAW?

The sight of your face makes me want to puke.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mole man dug up

Homeless Man Found Living In Elaborate Underground Home

A homeless contractor known as the "mole man" dug a multi-room 200-square foot home underground in Fresno that surprised police when they recently stumbled upon a hidden entrance.

The home had a bed, a leak-proof roof, a kitchen and escape hatch, Local 6 reported.

Tracy said it took him about 2 months with a shovel and other tools to carve out the underground rooms. More here:

Contractor? Is that all? Shee-yit man, I've heard of homeless astronauts living underground -- this guy ain't nuttin' but a lowly contractor and he's gittin' all this fuss?

LMAO liberal jourrrrrnalist -- "contractor" -- ha ha -- HEY -- GIVE ME A DOLLAR, you FUCKWIT. "ELABORATE" -- "CONTRACTOR" -- HA HA HA HA HA! Good one -- really.

What's the next word in this series?

From Bits and Pieces:


I'm glad to report that I figured it out after a few minutes of staring at it -- the way to the answer dawned on me just as I was about to give up.

Watch the comments -- I'm sure one of our residink Einsteins will post the answer.

Trivial information

Want to know the story behind the theme song from Cheers?

Here are some of the original lyrics:

Singing the blues when the Red Sox lose
It’s a crisis in your life
On the run ‘cause all your girlfriends
Want to be your wife
And the laundry ticket’s in the wash

Homeless Bill - He's needy

From Bit's and Pieces:

Hey Bill -- ever think of taking a fucking SHAVE, JACKASS?

Bill must be a lib -- he can't capisky why he can't have a rich woman (or prolly any woman.) He thinks he ought to be able to dress up like a complete jackass and not have it held against him -- you know -- by open-minded intelligent peeps who know that looks aren't everything?

Is that about right, homeless Bill? Gee, I wonder what cruel and unusual set of timing and circumstances combined to make you homeless? Prolly the same ones that made me a sarcastic fat nitwit. Oh -- the sorrow.

Rape victim tells story

Remember that Saudi girl who got gang raped and then got 200 lashes because she was out with a man and she wasn't accompanied by a relative?

Here's her story in her own words:

Yes -- we're all stunned

Hockey brawl between 8-year-olds stuns police

GUELPH, Ont. -- Six hockey players and two coaches were suspended following a brawl between two teams of eight-year-olds in Guelph last week that has stunned police.

Three players each from the Duffield Devils and Niagara Falls Thunder novice triple-A teams, and their respective coaches, were ejected from the Guelph Power Play Tournament on Friday after a brawl during a game.

"These are eight-year-olds," said Staff Sgt. Neal Young of Guelph Police.

"How ridiculous is that?"

Police were called to the arena shortly before 6 p.m. Friday. A small fight had broken out between players on the ice and both coaches sent more players from the bench to join in the fracas, Young said.

A member of the Niagara Falls coaching staff approached the Duffield bench and allegedly spit in the face of a Duffield coach, he said.

Police seized video footage from parents who were recording the game and will review it.

Power Play tournament chairman Jeff Hiller was hesitant to discuss the incident.

"We're not commenting on it at this time," he said Saturday.

"There is an ongoing investigation."

While several players and their coaches were suspended, organizers did not feel it was appropriate to eject the teams from the tournament, Hiller said. More here:

Huh? Not appropriate to eject the teams from the tournament? Well then what behavior WOULD justify ejection? Don't answer, shitforbrains liberals.

If you spank, you're going to jail

Lawmakers To Consider Spanking Ban
Nurse Wants State To Outlaw Corporal Punishment

BOSTON -- Lawmakers on Beacon Hill are set to consider a proposed ban on spanking children in the commonwealth.

NewsCenter 5's Shiba Russell reported that the issue is set for debate at a Statehouse hearing Wednesday morning.

The Boston Herald reported that State Rep. Jay Kaufman filed the spanking ban petition at the request of an Arlington, Mass., nurse who wants Massachusetts to become the first state in the country to stop corporal punishment.

If this proposal does become law and parents are caught hitting their children who are under the age of 18, they could be charged with abuse or neglect.

Is there no end to the idiocy of these libs?

An excerpt from a Ben Stein essay:

Then Dr. Benjamin Spock said we shouldn’t spank our children when they misbehave because their little personalities would be warped and we might damage their self-esteem (Dr. Spock’s son committed suicide). We said an expert should know what he’s talking about. And we said OK.

Now we’re asking ourselves why our children have no conscience, why they don’t know right from wrong, and why it doesn’t bother them to kill strangers, their classmates, and themselves.

If you're wondering about the politics of Dr. Spock:

Spock was the People's Party candidate in the 1972 United States presidential election with a platform that called for free medical care, the repeal of "victimless crime" laws, including the legalization of abortion, homosexuality, and marijuana, a guaranteed minimum income for families and the immediate withdrawal of all American troops from foreign countries. (People's party=commies, in case you didna know.)

In 1972, Spock, Julius Hobson (his Vice Presidential candidate), Linda Jenness (Socialist Workers Party Presidential candidate), and Socialist Workers Party Vice Presidential candidate Andrew Pulley wrote to Major General Bert A. David, commanding officer of Fort Dix, asking for permission to distribute campaign literature and to hold an election-related campaign meeting. On the basis of Fort Dix regulations 210-26 and 210-27, General David refused the request. Spock, Hobson, Jenness, Pulley, and others then filed a case that ultimately made its way to the United States Supreme Court (424 U.S. 828 -- Greer, Commander, Fort Dix Military Reservation, et al., v. Spock et al), which ruled against the plaintiffs.

Wow -- Big shocker, huh?

Personally, I hope they pass this law in California and Massachussetts and anywhere else there is a gathering of morons. I can't wait until the parents are being hauled into court based upon accusations by their spoiled little crap piles.

Even better -- when the kids grow up with the inevitable "they can't do nuttin' to me" attitudes, they'll be murdering their own parents -- you know -- for "not doing enough for me."

Reporter thinks veterans=mincing pussies

Anthem Skipped Before Monday Night Game

PITTSBURGH (AP) - Sports in America start with the national anthem. The Dolphins- Steelers game was an exception.

Rushing to begin the nationally televised matchup following a 25- minute weather delay, the NFL chose to skip the anthem Monday night before Miami played Pittsburgh. The game started without any of the traditional pregame ceremonies, except the coin toss, and neither team was introduced on the public address system.

According to the Steelers, the NFL wanted the game to begin as soon as possible following the delay. Several more minutes would have been needed to set up a microphone and sound equipment at midfield, where the anthem is traditionally performed at Steelers games.

There was no apparent fan reaction to the omission, which occurred as many fans were scrambling to get back to their seats for the kickoff. The fans were ordered to leave the lower seating bowl at Heinz Field when lightning and a heavy rain resulted in both teams being waved off the field during pregame warmups.

The teams warmed up for an additional nine minutes before the game began at 8:55 p.m. EST. Pittsburgh won 3-0 on Jeff Reed's 24-yard field goal with 17 seconds remaining.

National anthems are rarely televised during NFL games, with the Super Bowl being an exception, so there was no indication if any veterans groups were unhappy with the omission.

Huh? As if veterans groups have a chip on their shoulder and are just LOOKING for the slightest sign that someone MAY HAVE "disrespected" them??

Uh -- NO, JACKASS LIBERAL OBJECTIVE JOURRRRRNALIST-- you'd be thinking of the groups headed by such luminaries as Jesse Jackasson, Al Sharpton, Gloria Steinham, Cindy Sheehan, and their ilk.

Speaking strictly for myself, I didn't serve in the military because sports people play the national anthem before games ... and I don't give a shit whether you play the anthem before games or not ... because it doesn't define who I am ... i.e. it doesn't affect me and I don't have to whine in front of TV cameras and demand others respect me. A more pathetic exercise, I cannot imagine.

I respect myself and that's enough -- period. Lord knows I didn't serve in the military because I was trying to get the respect of the media/liberals in this country. And you can save the "libs respect the troops" speech for some college sophomore who believes it -- fuck you, libs.

Then Klown -- why did you serve in the military?

It's a mystery, isn't it lib-boy -- when you find the answer, you'll no longer be a pitiful hapless lib.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Heh - Tick Tock, Mikey

Would you hit it?

Suicide note makes compelling case

From The Onion:

SHERMAN OAKS, CA—Though friends and family of Michael Swinton, 15, were initially devastasted upon hearing the news of his recent suicide, many agreed Thursday that the explanatory note he penned prior to his death made surprisingly compelling points supporting his decision to take his own life.

"At first, all I could think was what a tragedy it was that he'd thrown away his life like this," said Swinton's mother, Debra. "But I was ultimately swayed by the part in which he talked about how he no longer wanted to be an emotional burden on everyone, and how everything would be easier if he were gone. It's hard to argue with that kind of logic."

According to Swinton's father, Charles, burying a child is the worst thing for a parent to endure, but at least the note explained that he will no longer have to feel guilty when showering his younger, more athletic son with love and attention.

Give it to me -- GIVE IT

Older white women - Kenya's sex tourists
A Kenyan man walks with an unidentified tourist at the Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach in the coastal town of Mombasa Nov. 15, 2007.

By Jeremy Clarke

MOMBASA, Kenya (Reuters) - Bethan, 56, lives in southern England on the same street as best friend Allie, 64.

They are on their first holiday to Kenya, a country they say is "just full of big young boys who like us older girls".

Hard figures are difficult to come by, but local people on the coast estimate that as many as one in five single women visiting from rich countries are in search of sex.

Allie and Bethan -- who both declined to give their full names -- said they planned to spend a whole month touring Kenya's palm-fringed beaches. They would do well to avoid the country's tourism officials.

"It's not evil," said Jake Grieves-Cook, chairman of the Kenya Tourist Board, when asked about the practice of older rich women traveling for sex with young Kenyan men.

"But it's certainly something we frown upon."

Also, the health risks are stark in a country with an AIDS prevalence of 6.9 percent. Although condom use can only be guessed at, Julia Davidson, an academic at Nottingham University who writes on sex tourism, said that in the course of her research she had met women who shunned condoms -- finding them too "businesslike" for their exotic fantasies.

The white beaches of the Indian Ocean coast stretched before the friends as they both walked arm-in-arm with young African men, Allie resting her white haired-head on the shoulder of her companion, a six-foot-four 23-year-old from the Maasai tribe. More here:

Yes -- upon it, we frown. We don't know why we don't like it -- but we don't like it. Here in Kenya, we've solved all the problems of crime and poverty etc so we've got it down to where the major problems are old, white ladies trying to cum until their ears bleed.

Those old white ladies simply must be stopped -- they're just orgasm junkies. I shall dedicate my life to developing a vaccine for this scourge called "Jungle fever."

Har -- Can't wait for THIS show

Darnell in Defense of the ‘Truth’
Fox Executive Talks About the Network’s Controversial Lie Detector Show
By James Hibberd

“Last time I felt like this was before ‘Joe Millionaire,’” said Mike Darnell, sitting in his office wearing his trademark cowboy boots.

“This is going to be the talk of the town and knocked out of the park. You’re either going to love it, or think it’s the end of Western civilization. And that’s the stuff that works.”

Fox’s president of alternative entertainment is referring to “The Moment of Truth,” the network’s sure-to-be controversial game show in which contestants are asked a series of highly personal questions while connected to a polygraph machine.

Fox’s version works like this: Before the show is taped, a contestant is given a polygraph test and asked 75 questions. Samples include: “Do you really care about the starving children in Africa?” “Are you sexually attracted to one of your wife’s friends?” “Do fat people repulse you?” and “Do you think you’ll still be with your husband five years from now?” Unlike the Colombian version, the show avoids asking about felony-level activities and sticks to revealing family secrets and unearthing private opinions.

The contestant’s responses are determined to be truthful or untruthful by a certified polygraph examiner, but the contestant is not told the results. Within a couple of days after the test, the contestant appears on the show, where he is again asked 21 of their previous questions before a live audience, including family and friends.

All the player has to do to win, goes the pitch, is tell the truth. If his answer matches what the polygraph says is true, he advances to the next round. The top prize is $500,000. The contestant can stop at any time, but once a question is asked, he must answer. More on the show here:

Pat Buchanan's new book

From Drudge:

I don't agree with everything Pat says -- prolly about 70% -- but he has a lot of knowledge and he covers a lot of ground in this book. Lots of grist for thought.

Sun Nov 25 2007 20:40:15 ET


"America is coming apart, decomposing, and...the likelihood of her survival as one improbable -- and impossible if America continues on her current course," declares Pat Buchanan. "For we are on a path to national suicide."

The best-selling author and former presidential candidate is on the eve of launching his new epic book: DAY OR RECKONING: HOW HUBRIS, IDEOLOGY AND GREED ARE TEARING AMERICA APART.

This time, Buchanan goes all the way:

"America is in an existential crisis from which the nation may not survive."

The U.S. Army is breaking and is too small to meet America’s global commitments.

The dollar has sunk to historic lows and is being abandoned by foreign governments.

U.S. manufacturing is being hollowed out.

The greatest invasion in history, from the Third World, is swamping the ethno-cultural core of the country, leading to Balkanization and the loss of the Southwest to Mexico.

The culture is collapsing and the nation is being deconstructed along the lines of race and class.

A fiscal crisis looms as the unfunded mandates of Social Security and Medicare remain unaddressed.

All these crises are hitting America at once -- a perfect storm of crises.

Specifically, Buchanan contends:

• Pax Americana, the era of U.S. global dominance, is over. A struggle for global hegemony has begun among the United States, China, a resurgent Russia and radical Islam

• Bush’s invasion of Iraq was a product of hubris and of ideology, a secular religion of “democratism,” to which Bush was converted in the days following 9/11

• Torn asunder by a culture war, America has now begun to break down along class, ethnic and racial lines.

• The greatest threat to U.S. sovereignty and independence is the scheme of a global elite to erase America’s borders and merge the USA, Mexico and Canada into a North American Union.

• Free trade is shipping jobs, factories and technology to China and plunging America into permanent dependency and unpayable debt. One of every six U.S. manufacturing jobs vanished under Bush

• “Sovereign Wealth Funds,” controlled by foreign regimes and stuffed with trillions of dollars from U.S. trade deficits, are buying up strategic corporate assets vital to America’s security

• As U.S. wages are stagnant, corporate CEOs are raking in rising pay and benefits 400 to 500 times that of their workers

• The Third World invasion through Mexico is a graver threat to our survival as one nation than anything happening in Afghanistan or Iraq

* European-Americans, 89% of the nation when JFK took the oath, are now 66% and sinking. Before 2050, America is a Third World nation

• By 2060, America will add 167 million people and 105 million immigrants will be here, triple the 37 million today.

• Hispanics will be over 100 million in 2050 and concentrated in a Southwest most Mexicans believe belongs to them

Buchanan’s Recommendations:

• A new foreign-defense policy that closes most of the 1000 bases overseas, reviews all alliances, and brings home U.S. troops

• A purge of neoconservative ideology and the “Cakewalk” crowd” from national power.

• To avert a second Cold War, the United States should “get out of Russia’s space and get out of Russia’s face,” and shut down all U.S. bases on the soil of the former Soviet Union

• To reach a cold peace in the culture war, Buchanan urges a return to federalism and the overthrow of our judicial dictatorship by Congressionally mandated restrictions on the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

• To end the trade deficits and save the dollar, Buchanan urges a Hamiltonian solution: a 20% Border Equity Tax on imports, with the $500 billion raised to be used to end taxation on American producers

• To prevent America becoming “a tangle of squabbling nationalities” Buchanan urges: No amnesty for the 12-20 million illegal aliens; a border fence from San Diego to Brownsville; Congressional declarations that children born to illegal aliens are not citizens and English is the language of the United States; and a “timeout” on all immigration.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Poor jackasses - nothing's going right

From Newsbusters:

Remember when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.) traveled to Germany to discuss global warming with Chancellor Angela Merkel and was hysterically greeted with a late-season snowstorm that rocked Europe?

Well, as the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change met in Valencia, Spain, last week to contemplate the supposedly catastrophic warming of the planet, Switzerland to the east received the most snow for this early in the season since 1952.

You really can't make this stuff up.

SWATCHA GIT, MENTAL MIDGETS -- Course, it won't make any difference to your sheep -- I mean, your followers.

Seriously, I can't imagine the brain damage people have to be willing to undergo so that the facts don't change their mindset.

Sneaky jackass loses job

From Newsbusters:

NY Anchorman Resigns After Calling Live Show Under False Name
By Warner Todd Huston November 19, 2007 - 10:09 ET

Gary Anthony Ramsay, an anchorman for NY1 News, has resigned this week over his efforts to damage Rudy Giuliani's bid for the White House by commenting on the Bernard Kerik situation under a false name on the air. It appears that Ramsay called into an episode of the station's call-in show "The Call" and claimed his name was "Dalton from the Upper East Side" before going off on his rant against Giuliani associate Kerik. Looks like Mr. Ramsay couldn't keep his journalistic integrity in force long enough to give his own name and stand by his own opinion and it has cost him his TV job.

Well now you sneaky communist cocksucker -- "objective" jackass -- tough shitski for you. I only wish you got what you really deserve. What a piece of shit.

Ha -- this is funny - but it cleaned my brain

From Newsbusters:

Don't You Hate it When SUVs Kill People?
The AP Sure Does
By Warner Todd Huston November 19, 2007 - 11:55 ET

Here is the kind of lapse in logic that drives me crazy (no pun intended). The AP today has a story headline that just makes me cringe: "SUV plunges into canal, killing 7 people inside."

Now here is the problem, HOW did an SUV go about killing these poor people? Did it unpark itself, drive across town, slam open its doors and gobble up some folks waiting at a bus stop and then drive them into a canal?

Should we be wary of every SUV on the street for fear that it may kidnap us only to drive us off cliffs or into canals?

Or is it more likely, AP, that a driver was responsible for killing the passengers INSIDE the SUV?

Isn't it a tad more likely that the SUV did not kill anyone, but that the actions of the human at its wheel was the culprit?

Seriously though -- the media sure hates SUV's, don't they? And they want to be sure you're brainless, twitching ass does as well.

Libs to crush another American industry

From Newsbusters:

‘60 Minutes’: Obesity Epidemic Requires Obese Government
By Kyle Drennen November 19, 2007 - 16:29 ET

On Sunday’s CBS "60 Minutes," anchor Lesley Stahl began a segment on calorie labeling for fast food by making this alarmist proclamation: "Obesity rates continue to spiral out of control in this country and nutritionists say one main reason is how dependent we've become on eating out." Enter the big government hero:

Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden is in charge of regulating New York City's $11 billion restaurant market...the chains are up against a formidable foe, because Frieden has a record of making big industry bend to his will. He's the one who forced smoking out of city bars and artery-clogging trans fats out of city restaurants. Both those bans spread nationwide, which is also happening with his new crusade.

Frieden’s latest "crusade" is to force big fast food chains nationwide to label the calories of all of their products, which were exempt from doing so. As Stahl explained, "Now, one of the most powerful health officials in the country wants to change that by forcing chain restaurants like McDonald's and Wendy's to spell out exactly how fattening their food is right when you decide what to order."

It's official, folks, fast food is the next in the long line of witches discovered by the anti-America left. Another fine American industry will be crushed -- actually -- they're really only coming for our wallets -- this is just a way of taxing the fast food industry's "excessive profits."

And they'll let you know -- they're making "excessive profits" at the expense of your waistline -- it's bad for you -- it's a secular sin -- TAX THEM -- TAX THEM.

Better than in the 1600's right -- then the cry was BURN THEM -- BURN THEM. They weren't kidding then and they're not kidding now.

Hey -- I wonder if they'll call it "profiteering?" -- or will it be:
1 - Excessive profits
2 - Obscene profits
3 - Windfall profits

Hey -- I wonder what witch-name they'll give it:
1 - Big food?
2 - Big fast food?
3 - Big obesity?
4 - Big fat fat?

Whatever it will be, I'm sure it will start with "Big" -- cuz, by now, your dumbass is trained to think Big=Evil.

Anyway -- take your guesses in the comments.